Designer Maker West Midlands (DMWM) is looking for three mid-career designer makers for ‘Future Forward 2’ a creative and market development programme

Future Forward 2 is the second phase of an exciting mentoring programme tailored to the needs of mid-career designer makers from the West Midlands region. It offers mid-career designer makers (the mentees) the opportunity to be mentored by an arts professional who has knowledge and experience of designer makers practices and market opportunities. The aim is to support the artistic development, advance the quality of work and the ability to access new marketing opportunities of the selected mid-career designer maker.


The intention is for the mentor and mentee to work together to assist the mentee to develop their practice; making new work of artistic quality and to exhibit or engage with a project which will raise their profile regionally, nationally and/or internationally. The programme will provide focused discussion and regular one to one support (approx 9 x days) from an experienced mentor over a period of 9-10 months.


The mentees will be awarded a bursary of 2100 for materials, promotion, marketing, travel expenses and will be expected to give a presentation at dissemination DMWM event.


Deadline for application: 12 noon, 15 January 2010


For further details about the FF2 scheme and information on how to apply click here to download the FF2 brief. 


To find out more about the experiences of the participants on FF1 click here to read Future Forward 1 - A framework for development and change, an article by June Hill mentor to Karina Thompson on the FF1 mentoring programme or click here to read Future Forward 1 - Continuing narratives and new directions, an article by Frances Lord mentor to Melanie Tomlinson.